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Rise and Shine: Breakfast is Back


Long touted as the most important meal of the day, breakfast is really coming into its own and restaurants are taking notice. According to Datassentials, 93% of operators report that breakfast sales have increased, or at least stayed the same, compared to last year. What started with the idea of a 24 hour breakfast, has taken off across many restaurant concepts eager to cash in on this profitable menu option.


From quick service to casual dining, restaurants of all sizes have started expanding their breakfast items, and not just the normal biscuit or English muffin sandwiches. More and more specialty items are popping up on menus: Jalapeño and ghost pepper options, crunchy fried chicken and crispy chorizo, breakfast pizza with egg, cheese and sausage, or kimchi benedict with pork belly and kimchi hollandaise sauce.


Whatever it is that makes it so popular - the bacon, the eggs, or that you can now have breakfast after the 10:30 am deadline - breakfast is back! Despite its increasing popularity, Datassentials states that 79% of consumers had their last weekday breakfast at home. This represents a huge opportunity for restaurateurs to cash in on this trend. Sysco Menu Services can help create an innovative breakfast menu or update an existing one and provide you with the marketing tools necessary to make your 2017 a delicious and profitable year.

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May 9, 2017

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