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April 7, 2017



Mix It Up!

Have fun and get creative with different fonts and font colors. Try using a bold font instead of a popbox or an icon to draw the eye to an item or category. Notice the burger section. Which burgers are you looking at first?


Customers, millennials in particular, are not shopping by price at a specialty restaurant. They’re choosing by description. So keep the descriptions short. The descriptions on this menu are only one line.


Make Sides Pop! When sides are not included with the meal, they need to draw attention.


Killer filler!

Not every page of your menu needs to be filled with menu items. Your back page is a great place to be creative and think outside of the box! You can fill the space with a simple message or an upcoming event. Don't be afraid of "white space"... leaving open space on the page allows for your message to grab the attention of our audience. 


Try it by typing your message into an item name in any layout and adjust the font type and style to create the look you want.


Be bold and have fun!


Be creative with logo placement and use of color.

Create a modern and clean menu page design using the picturebox to place your logo in a prominent position. Choose complimentary colors to pop your item names on a simple white background.


Remember, clean and simple does not mean boring!

Use unique category names.

Many restaurants today are coming up with new names for old categories. Things like “In Bread” instead of “Sandwiches.”

Use right justification.

Give your menu a modern look by trying a different justification... in this case, right justification changes it from boring to bling!




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