Keep your clients coming back for future orders.

We can then work with you on marketing pieces that will reach out to your clients

and build a strong following that will keep your clients returning for more.

Thank You Cards

  • Provide a discount card of 10-20% their next togo order.

  • Place the card in togo and carryout orders

  • Leave a space blank on the card for handwritten thank you notes

Family Meal Packs

  • Family meal packs provide an all in one meal deal. This will be easier for larger families to order in bulk.

  • Examples of meal packs include a protein of choice, sides and a salad.

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Take Home Cooking Meal Sets

  • Get your clients engaged with take home cooking meal sets. Provide individually wrapped ingredients, instructions and packaged it all into one box for delivery. 

Pop-up Shops

  • Become a mini market for clients to shop for essentials like produce, dairy, eggs, baking, and so much more! 

  • Change the layout of your restaurant to mimic a small grocery utilizing store shelves and tables to display product.

  • Practice social distancing by marking the floors for designated standing area.

  • Have staff on hand to wipe down and sanitize.

  • Offer curbside grocery pick up.

Ready to get started?

To get started, you will need to provide the following:

  • Restaurant information, including your Sysco account #, your logo, address, phone, and website.

  • Menu items you would like to include in your limited carryout menu. We recommend you choose items that are best suited for transport, easy to prepare, and profitable.

  • Message you would like to communicate to your customers about your available services or concerns for their health and safety.

We have a team of associates ready to assist

To enlist our help, please call 1-800-380-6348,
or reach out to your Sysco Marketing Associate.


Covid-19 Marketing Essential Services

We can help with tools, tips and products that Sysco has available for you to continue to maintain your business – including carryout and delivery menus, social media messaging, and more.

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Takeout &

Delivery Menus

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Social Media


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Sysco Partnership


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for information and tips to

maintain your business.

Sysco Marketing Services is here to support you during this uncertain time.

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