Prepare your restaurant with signage. . .

Review our helpful tips to ensure your menu is ready for delivery. We can then work with you on

designing flyers, banners and posters to display on your door and local businesses. 

Flyers Tips

  • Create flyers that can be dropped off at apartment buildings, condos and essential businesses promoting takeout and delivery.

  • Share your practices of adhering to Covid-19 guidelines and food safety.

Banners Tips

  • Create a banner promoting that your business is open for takeout and delivery. 

  • Put hours and phone number for quick reference for clients. 

Posters Tips

  • Create poster signage promoting delivery and carryout. 

  • Showcase signs with guidelines adhering to Covid-19 for employees throughout the establishment

  • If open for pop-up shop create posters with directions for clients to adhere to keeping social distancing and direct flow  of traffic. 

Ready to get started?

To get started, you will need to provide the following:

  • Restaurant information, including your Sysco account #, your logo, address, phone, and website.

  • Menu items you would like to include in your limited carryout menu. We recommend you choose items that are best suited for transport, easy to prepare, and profitable.

  • Message you would like to communicate to your customers about your available services or concerns for their health and safety.

We have a team of associates ready to assist

To enlist our help, please call 1-800-380-6348,
or reach out to your Sysco Marketing Associate.

Covid-19 Marketing Essential Services

We can help with tools, tips and products that Sysco has available for you to continue to maintain your business – including carryout and delivery menus, social media messaging, and more.

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Takeout &

Delivery Menus

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Social Media


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Marketing Promotion Ideas

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Sysco Partnership


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for information and tips to

maintain your business.

Sysco Marketing Services is here to support you during this uncertain time.


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